Industrial gear box

Custom solutions tailored to each project.Our flexible,responsive approach enables us to adapt our processes to your specifications,standards and dimensional and cost constraint.


Universal, modular solutions for low cost and short delivery times

Olympe range
Flexible and high availability

Torque 1,400 N.m to 692,000 N.m
GRR from 1:1 to 1:800
Solid, hollow or spline input and output shafts
Bolt-down or shaft-mounted
Cast iron casing (steel or ductile iron as required)
Any orientation
Options: input shaft lantern gear, output shaft
fl ange, torque arm, backstop clutch, clamping
ring, torque arm, high IP, fan or cooling unit, etc
Delivery 4 to 8 weeks

Mercure range
Robust and reliable
Torque 40 N.m to 5500 N.m
GRR from 10:10 to 10:3600
Shaft offset 50 to 240 mm
Solid or hollow input and output shafts
Any orientation
Cast iron casing (steel on request)
Options: output shaft fl ange, clamping ring,
torque arm, reduced play, combined unit,
fl ange or lantern gear input shaft, etc


The single-source solution. We have a large drivetrain assemblies on their own or as a Added advantage: a single manufacturer’s

Mains voltage squirrel squirrel cage motors Mains voltage squirrel cage motors rating from 0.06 to 2000 kW
Carcasse fonte ou aluminium
Cast iron or aluminium carcass
of construction to meet individual
specifi cations.
We can also supply high voltage
squirrel cages and custom motors

Gear couplings
High torsional rigidity
Torque 1200 to 7,000,780 N.m
Compact, simple, robust
Custom models
We can also supply disc couplings, flexible, couplings, barrel couplings, spring couplings

Constant fill fluid couplings
For 5 to 2200 kW motors
With or without delay chamber
Any type of fl ange
We can also supply variable fi ll fl uid
couplings for 200 to 3000 kW motors