When a customer suffers severe damage on a mechanical transmission, he expects reactivity and efficiency!

It was on behalf of FERROPEM (Ferroglobe Group), a producer of silicium and silicium-based alloys, that CIMAT took over the dismantling of a mechanical unit vital to the site.

Seeing the extent of the damage and breakage of parts, the technicians of CIMAT have contacted us, in agreement with the final customer, for an expertise and restoration of the complete gearbox, all within the shortest possible time.

The expert work was carried out during the week and despite the technical constraints, the manufacturing of the parts, the repair and the tests could be carried out in less than 6 weeks. As a result, the customer was able to restart his machine, after being reassembled on site by CIMAT.

CIMAT is the specialist in Industrial Maintenance and is one of the subsidiaries of the FOSELEV group.

Important technical means, highly qualified personnel and numerous approvals allow it to intervene in all industrial fields. We particularly appreciated the reactivity of the Ugine site staff and the interactivity with the Customer.
So it is for FOC Transmissions the assurance of quality work on site that we could not offer until now.
This complementarity is beneficial for the customer, because mechanical transmissions are complex and only a specialist can guarantee a lasting result, as well as disassemblies and reassemblies that require a know-how that perfectly masters CIMAT.