INFO FOC Transmissions / COVID-19

France and Europe are now heavily impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic, which is testing our resilience and adaptability on an unprecedented scale.
Containment measures and traffic restrictions imposed by the French State were published by Decree No. 2020-260 of 16 March 2020.
Our company and our entire team are fully committed to the process of national and international solidarity and we make every effort to participate in the collective effort to defeat this virus, acting together being the key.
In compliance with government directives and to ensure the health of our employees, this exceptional situation leads us to make a number of operational decisions:

– Introduction of the use of partial unemployment.
– Remote mail box consultation.
– Introduction of telework.
– Suspension of all receipts and shipments of items (except in very exceptional cases, which will have been coordinated in advance).
– Complete shutdown of all monitoring and convocations associated with the realization of the products subject to our orders.
We are equally committed to maintaining our quality of service.
We therefore confirm that we have made arrangements for our team to stay tuned to you to answer each of your questions.
We will be sure to keep you up to date on the next events and, we all hope very soon, with the resumption of our activities.
Yours sincerely
Bernard DREVET