Innovation is part of our daily works as we always aim for the most appropriate solution for our customer


Foc transmissions is an expert in drivetrain design and works closely with its customers in innovative projects.
Designer of custom built we use sharp device for :

Special studies , Product development

Experimented in different sectors like nuclear ,steel industry,hydraulics,cemant plant,miningor machine construction Foc transmissions procured great expertise.

We look for the best solution for our customer

Innovation collaborative project.

Innovation in our core business
With our Expertise of collaborative project  bringing together laboratories ,ingenierie center,major society we can escort  you in your project.


The society HYDROQUEST with is new concept of pure under water turbine generator works with Foc transmissions for the production of step-up gears.
This project associate several partners : HYDROQUEST (leader),Erneo,Biotope,Artelia,EDF,LEGI.
The goal being to capture the river kinetic energie in order to produce clean an economic electric energy.
A prototype is working on the Loire river since november 2014.

FASTBRAKE safety break

Foc transmissions is the leader for this project wich associate :

The goal being to detects any uncontroled potentialy dangerous movement of the load.and Insures instant braking no overspeed and extremly short stopping distance.
A protype must be install at Aubert&Duval society and ADC society in 2017.