Many of us are looking forward to the snow to go skiing..

But before that, the resorts must revise their ski lifts and/or invest in new ones for the safety of all and for our rider’s greatest happiness!

It is in this context that SEVLC (Société d’équipement de Villard de lans – Corrençon en Vercors) has entrusted us with the rehabilitation of SEVENIER motors mounted on the Pré des Preys cable car.

SEVLC! The name will not speak to the greatest number, but if I tell you Tony PARKER!

The story begins in 1950 with SEVL (Villard de Lans) which will merge in 1983 with SATEC (Corrençon en Vercors) to give birth to SEVLC which manages since the whole of the ski lifts of the domain. A new page will be written after the acquisition of 76.8% of SEVLC’s shares by Infinity Nine Mountain (owned by Tony PARKER) and its team on May 13, 2019.

Going back to our customer’s problem, it turned out that the reducers were generating a loud and unpleasant noise in the station of this cable car built in 1981, this one causing a significant discomfort for passengers.

                                                                  The gearboxes were disassembled, tested, revised, and a pinion re-made identical.

The device has been reassembled and the result is in line with the customer’s expectations!

The cabins have started their rotations again, and the current snow-making heralds a very good start to the season!!